Maps / Detours

Midway Blvd. Traffic Pattern Change Starting Fri., Feb. 2

North side of Sharp St., Scotten St., Birchcrest Blvd., 

Sheehan Blvd., Noble Terr., and Page St. TO CLOSE

 Birchcrest Blvd and Starlight (south)  TO RE-OPEN

Starting Friday, Feb. 2, all two-way traffic on Midway Blvd. will be shifted to the south side of the new roadway from Sharpe St. to Kings Highway.

 Also, on Friday, Sharpe St., Scotten St., and Birchcrest Blvd., on the north side of Midway Blvd., will be closed for approximately 3 months. Residents are asked to use Harbor Blvd., and Dawson Ave. to access their homes.

 In addition, short sections of Sheehan Blvd., Noble Terrace and Page St. will be closed on the north side of Midway for approximately 3 months. Residents are asked to use Hariet St. or Hayworth Rd. and Laramore Ave. to access to their homes. 

Also, on Friday, Feb. 2, Birchcrest Blvd. and Starlite Lane will be re-opened on the south side of Midway Blvd. 

 A dedicated pedestrian route will be provided for students along segments of Sheehan Blvd, Hariet St. and Midway Blvd. between Hariet St. and Hayworth Rd.


Inverness and Beacon Detours Set For Dec. 27

& South Beacon, Morley, and Alton to Re-open


A short section of Inverness St. and Beacon Drive on the north side of Midway Blvd. will be closed for approximately 3 months starting Dec. 27. This closure is necessary to complete the road construction in those areas. Residents are asked to use Orlando Blvd. / McNulty Ave., and Abscott St. / Amethyst Ave.  to access to their homes.

Also, Beacon Dr., Morley St., and Alton Rd. to the south of Midway Blvd. will re-open on the 27th.


 Alton Rd. Detour and Traffic Pattern Change

A small section of Alton Rd. on the north side of Midway Blvd. will be closed for construction starting Monday, Dec. 11. This closure is necessary to complete the new sanitary system in that area. The intersection is expected to be closed approximately one week.  Residents are asked to use Orlando Blvd. and Foote Ave. to access to their homes.



 Detours announced for Floyd Ct., Broom Ct. and Conway Blvd.

 Floyd Ct., Broom Ct. and a short section of Conway Blvd. on the south side of Midway Boulevard will be closed for construction, and will plan to re-open in mid January, 2018.  Residents are asked to use Starlight Lane and Catherine Ave. for access to their homes.




Notice of Lane Shift

Motorists are advised to anticipate a traffic lane shift on Midway Blvd. in front of PCMS from Orlando Boulevard to Hayworth Road effective Thursday, Aug. 10.  Contractors expect to finish base asphalt application and divert the traffic to the new lane, in preparation of the new school year beginning tomorrow.



For Hayworth, Alton, and Morley Roads, Wed., Aug. 9


A small section of Hayworth, Alton, and Morley Roads on the south side of Midway Blvd. will be closed to through traffic, and will be detoured using the adjacent roads, effective Wed., August 9.

The Hayworth Rd. closure may be accessed by using Conway Blvd., off Midway Blvd., to Katherine Ave. 

Morley St. and Alton Rd. closures will be detoured by using the eastern portion of Alton Rd. at Midway Blvd.

This detour is necessary to construct the roadway returns to Hayworth South, Alton South and Morley South off of Midway Blvd., and is expected to be in effect approximately 3 months.


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