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Fri., Feb. 2 – Traffic Pattern Change, Street Closings and Re-openings

Starting Friday, Feb. 2, all two-way traffic on Midway Blvd. will be shifted to the south side of the new roadway from Sharpe St. to Kings Highway.

Also, on Friday, Sharpe St., Scotten St., and Birchcrest Blvd., on the north side of Midway Blvd., will be closed for approximately 3 months. Residents are asked to use Harbor Blvd., and Dawson Ave. to access their homes.

In addition, short sections of Sheehan Blvd., Noble Terrace and Page St. will be closed on the north side of Midway for approximately 3 months. Residents are asked to use Hariet St. or Hayworth Rd. and Laramore Ave. to access to their homes. 

Also, on Friday, Feb. 2, Birchcrest Blvd. and Starlite Lane will be re-opened on the south side of Midway Blvd. 

A dedicated pedestrian route will be provided for students along segments of Sheehan Blvd, Hariet St. and Midway Blvd. between Hariet St. and Hayworth Rd.