Midway – Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What are the limits of this project?

Answer: This is the last phase of a multi-year widening project of Midway Boulevard. The project limits are from Sharpe Street (just east of Harbor Drive) to the intersection of Kings Highway, for a total of about 2.25 miles.

Question: What is included with this project?

Answer: Not only will this project include four lanes of traffic (two each way) with center turn lanes, but it will also include new sidewalks on both sides, closed drainage system, new traffic signals at Beacon Drive, new pedestrian crossings at the schools, new lighting, and a new water and sewer system along the corridor.

Question: Where is the money coming from?

Answer:  It is being funded by the previous 1 cent sales tax.

Question: Will the children be able to access the schools?

Answer: Yes. Existing sidewalks will be replaced with new and expanded sidewalks when complete. Temporary sidewalks meeting the American Disability Act (ADA) requirement will be installed during construction to maintain all pedestrian access.

Question: Will the road be closed; and if so, will I still be able to get to my mail and home?

Answer: The road may be closed for through traffic at times however mail delivery, emergency services and access to your home for local residences will be maintained during construction. There may be times when you will experience some temporary delays, such as the pouring of concrete sidewalk or paving directly in front of your home.

Question: Will I be able to turn left out of my street?

Answer: It depends. Sometimes it becomes prudent to restrict left turns with the use of a median in order to maintain a safe and efficient overall system on multi-lane roads. For this phase of Midway, left turns were maintained for many of the key side streets. The future geometry can be viewed on this website, under the Project Overview tab.

Question: How long is this going to take to build?

Answer: Construction is anticipated to commence the summer of 2015 and continue for three years.

Question: Why does it seem to take so long to build roads?

Answer: The construction of primary roads such as Midway involves multiple parts that all must be addressed. The surface features such as the asphalt and curbs are only a part of the project. Some of the things that are not seen take significant time, such as all the underground drainage systems, the storm water retention areas as well as all the utility lines that are impacted. New pipes must be installed, tested and passed before flows can be transferred over, and the old pipes removed. Only after the entire underground infrastructure and drainage system is complete can the new traffic lanes and sidewalk construction begin.

Question: Where can I get updates on the project if I have questions?

Answer: Updates will be available on this website, via app, text messaging and social media. You can sign up at the following links:

iOS App Available at iTunes App Store

Android App Available at Google Play

Question: If I have a problem who do I contact?

Answer: You can call our toll free number 866‑556‑2200 if you have additional questions or problems.